Empty Oil Drum

Anyone got one knocking about they don’t need?

Not too worried about condition as long as there’s no holes

Will a firkin do?
( and before you ask, they have two holes :wink: )

by firkin do you mean 9g beer keg?

If so its too small, but thanks anyway

This is one I’m bidding/watching on ebay as its the nearest one i can find:

Oil Drum

u making a Braai? :smiley:

Nooooo a ground anchor as can’t dig up landlords garage, full of concrete will weigh 400Kg :slight_smile:

10 quid for an empty oil drum !! Ohh shite :Whistling:

im not fussed about the £10, just that i can’t find one near enough

Try one of these or similar, 40ltrs is about 14st when full which once you cut the handles off would be a bugger to move. Or go for a larger one.

I like the idea but as it’s rubber there’s nothing to stop some one cutting it away and then sledgehammering the concrete block :frowning:

Chuck some wire mesh in it :slight_smile:

I got LOTS of 20l a few 25l I couple of steel 60/100l and a few 225 liter steel that used to be wast oil until I got a proper tank

SE20 8JY

email me if interested

[email protected]