Employment Lawyers (dismissal)


Are there any here or does anyone know if any?
My mum really needs some help with a case, and I have advised her that she needs a lawyer to help.
Thanks in advance guys!


lol! I’m going to start charging you Wes!

I’m not a lawyer but know ALOT of them and some in employment law. I can get some basic questions asked/answered for free but obviously if you wanted to take it further you’ll need to pay up.

Also if he still frequents this place Kaos (Steve) can help with this kind of thing.


I know one of the top London employment lawyers (personal/family friends as well). Not cheap at all though.
Happy to make an introduction if needed
PM me if you want to


The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good place to start. I’ve found them helpful in the past. If she is a member of a union they often offer legal representstion. It’s important to save all emails and keep a timelime of what has transpired.

Aside from that can we all stop ending posts with, “Thanks in Advance.” It’s a god awful Americanism.


BAre you some kind of mobster ? The man “in the know”!
I know the basics of what has happened and from what I can see, although my mum may have made some mistakes, she has been picked on and put into positions to fail.
Her boss has had it in for her and after 23 yrs of service she is being hung out to dry.
Any help with some basic questions would be a great start, but I’m willing to pay to get her the help she needs.


They aren’t giving her much time. They want her in on Saturday to throw the book at her.


Play for time. Say that you wish to have a 3rd party and a HR representative present at the meeting. If you want to go further say you’ll be recording the conversation for reference. They can’t really deny you any of these requests if they are going by the book.

If you believe you have been set up to fail you can raise a grievance in line with their greviance policy. They pretty much have to follow that up and go through the procedure. You can raise a greviance at any time.

You can also request the meeting is postponed while you seek legal advice.


Excellent thanks for the advice.
She is so stressed and wa shaking when I went to see her tonight. All of this a week away from a big op she is due to have.
I will call her in the morning as she is going to see a doc about her stress caused over the last few months, and maybe after that she should call in sick and request to move the meeting.
When she told them she wanted her son there with her for advice, they told her she can’t, which I’m pretty sure they have no grounds for.


Now you know why his name is The Sleeper…


The first place to start must be the ACAS helpline:
Free, impartial, clear and confidential guidance about any kind of dispute or query that you have about relationship issues within the workplace.


+1 for ACAS


Thanks guys!
Could not get to sleep last night. Had it all running through my mind.


Just wanted to say thanks to all those that offered advice on here and over the phone! What a great bunch of people you all are.


Fantastic advice Joby.

Redwez, I had a colleague that was being bullied out of the job once. He requested a delay to his disciplinary meeting so that he could seek legal advice. When the manageri n question told him that it wasn’t necessary, my colleague pulled out his phone, turned on voice record and sat it in the middle of the table, stating “Formal or informal, if this is a disciplinary interview and I don’t have legal representation then it’s being recorded”. When the manager stated that he wasn’t having any of it, my colleague Stewart picked up his phone, said “Meeting’s over then”, and walked out the door. Nothing further ever happened, or was said by management and Stewart retired 2 years later.

Also, I don’t think there’s any reason why she shouldn’t be able to request you attend as a witness/representative. If it’s a ‘security’ issue having you on the premises, then management should be able to make arrangements for an alternative venue.

The company MIGHT have a solid case, but equally there’s many managers who are simply bullies, and who if you stand up to them and ensure meetings are recorded or legal advice is obtained, then they will simply climb down and go and pick on someone else.


I’d generally say try to avoid family members only because they will be bias (and rightly so), try and get someone you know but less ingrained in your life.