Employment Information...

Just as a thought it might be a good idea to build upon a few of the recent posts and actually build a database of skills such that in times of need we are able to call upon these to help each other out. (Everyone should update their profile and is it possible to create a search function within the website for that Jay?)

Unfortunately I am a corporate slave and have very few real world skills such as plumbing etc that can be called upon but would like to see a good trade relationship set up between us. I deal with large corporates and the fruit of my efforts is all in a single number. Nothing tangable!

Of course being part of this community allows us to communicate and interact. So I’ll kick off and say i work in Corporate Profit Recovery for a company called PRG-Schultz which audits and advises on peoples accounts whilst recovering millions of pounds a year per client.


As useful as I am and if anyone feels like passing on my details to their company we are always looking for more clients.

Other than that I have been told i have a flair at organising good nights out in town… I know a few people that cover about 8 or so of the larger clubs in central london if anyone is interested so just let me know if you need those contacts and they shall be provided!

Whats your speciality and how can you help the community?


Good call C…

Estate Agent (yes I know…)

Always looking for good tradesman for overcoming problems in the sale or even just clients asking if we know of a good chippy/sparks/plumber etc

and if you know anyone who wants to buy/sell in SE3,SE7,SE18,SE28 etc please let me know.

costume designer and stylist for the last 6/7 years so if anyone wants a personal shopper/ clothing designer…

previous to that i ran my own business designing and making wedding dresses and one off made to measure stuff so can take a garment from flat design thro to walkin down the catwalk/street.

am now working as an events organisor for BT on some of their bigger contracts (NHS, Olympics) so get to get posh frocked and drunk on regular basis completly gratis

sooo, if anyone needs something designed, made, sewn, cooridinated or organised i can prob help

Jack of all trades me. Starting with broadcast editing and facility management. Then moved on to channel conception, business planning and funding.

Absolutely no use to anyone on here I’m sure

I work in a firm of Solicitors (100+ staff), we cover all aspects of Law APART from Criminal so no I cant get you off that murder charge.

We are based in surrey and have the same skills as a Top London Firm but with out the mega prices they charge. We have done work for alot of top flight professionals and stars but because of Client Confidentially I cant name names.

Need anything give us a PM and I’ll point you at the right person here.

<< Graphic / web designer…

Communications engineer - programme and look after large corporate telephone networks so probably not a lot of help to anyone on here.