Employment agencies

Hi guys ,

I’m based in east London , anyways just want to know if you lot can recommend any good employment agencies ? The Only one I can think of is reed!! , would really apreciate your feedback!

I reckon depends on the type of job?

I usually look for jobs online only using mostly jobserve.com and cwjobs.co.uk, never dealt directly with an agency unless they call me due to an application through one of those sites.

Can recommend those sites though, the latter being IT specific though.

The other generic one out there is Office Angels… I’ve never really had a good experience with them but my brother had quite a few temp jobs out of them… I was never one for temp jobs so may have come across as having a bit of an ‘attitude’ :smiley:

Thanks for the replys so far, to be honest it’s hard because the only sort of work I’ve been doing is office work , would like to do something different but don’t know what so it’s very hard at the mo.

Get your CV on www.cv-library.co.uk or www.londonjobs.co.uk

Plenty of agencies recruit through those websites

I put my details into an agency in The Times 22 years ago, got the job and still there all this time later

personally ive never really found agencies to work.

Your far better concentrating your time on directly approaching companies yourself, even if theres not a job advertised, as ive got work many times before this way.

The acencies wont forward your details unless you have every single item ticked on theyre list (and lets face it theres no such thing as the perfect employee)

Morgan Hunt and the CV-library Trisckie mentioned is quite good

Thanks for the feedback appreciate it :slight_smile: