emergency stag!!

I will start y apologising as this is porbably in the wrong forum but I need help quickly!!

A good freind of mine is getting married this sunday, he has just called me and told me his best man has not organised a stag do!! (I KNOW IDIOT)…

So I need some CHEAP ideas quickly around the south london area for tomorrow night… We need to give him a good send off.

Low grade cocaine, hookers from the east end and a vauxhall astra

hahahahahahah thats funny

its simple really go for a meal then a pub get the groom mashed leave naked somewhere on a train

JOB DONE also there is a real ****e club in stretham called ceazars its rubbish but they charge £20 on the door and its drink your self dead

I used to drive past Ceasars every day - oh boy, if ever somewhere was made for stags - that is the place!

Did I mention he is a Mate and I would like it to stay that way!!


SE centre in Orpington, just off M25, or 25 mins out of London by train.

more fun than should really be allowed.

mm, paintball is fun, just dont get shot in the mouth, nipple or groin

(yes, i had a bad day being shot at)

spearmint rhino…

mate…do you think you could have been the target??

What about the dogs?? Beer and gambling!!!

Behave!! I have been there it is poo…

how very dare you? Most.Fun.Ever.

Unless you’re referring to my thankfully-escaped-from-years-ago hole of a hometown, which is poop.

so you are an orpington homeboy are you!!, well I actually meant the centre itself, if it the one I’m thinking off I went there for my b’day and it was naff man, all they had was trees to hide behind, it was proper pants!!!

I’m trying to shed my heritage. Escaped to Camden 6 years ago, though have been strangely drawn south of the river again last month.


anyway, I need something else that involves naked women, lots of boose, a blow up ballerina suit and some cable ties. HEHEHE

try Hoist or The Fist in Vauxhall.

Judging by the queues outside it might not be a female ballerina though.

The Nags Head near Aldgate (ok so it’s not south). It’s filthy, straw on the floor and women will dance around a pole for you if you put some money in their pint glass.

Agreed or ahem the Griffin at Holborn/Chancery Lane. Also a short hop and a skip to the bright lights of that Covent Garden/West End.

All North of the wet wobbly bit i’m afraid, don’t do sarf

ah many a good day I have spent in the griffin but it has been such a long time I forgot what it was called I think that is defo on the cards… cheap drinks, naked women!! only the ballerina suit left to go!!

Dont think the places I hang out would be suitable!