Emergency First Aid for Bikers workshop

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=40483572118&ref=shareMaybe this 1 day workshop can help to avoid turning a bad day on the roads into a future memorial ride.

I am going if anyone wants to join me.


Good idea, we did First Bike on Scene, well worth the effort.

There are a number of organisations that run first aid courses for bikers, recently saw one advertised in Essex it was being run by the red cross or St Johns cant remember.

I think it is always important to know first aid.

I’m not on Myface or Spacebook (Yes I know… shock, horror!)

Can you please post the details here Simon?

Cheers :o)

I emailed them to ask if they would do a session in London if we got a group of 12 or more - no reply yet.
Would rather do something nearer especially as the weather is getting cra*pier!

for anyone without FB etc here are the details…

Time and Place

Saturday, November 29, 2008Time:
10:00am - 4:30pmLocation:
NN15 5DJCity/Town:
Kettering, United KingdomContact InfoPhone:
[email protected]


The course will cover;

• Trauma and the Mechanism of injury
• Scene management
• Snatch rescue
• Removal of the crash helmet
• Spinal care
• Airway management
• Resuscitation
• Haemorrhage control

Course Fee £69 ( inc lunch & unlimited drinks)

Please note you MUST book your place by sending us an email above.

We can also deliver the course at a suitable venue/location for a group of 12 or more bikers when they book the course together.

We are campaigning to raise awareness and educate fellow motorcyclists in the correct emergency 1st aid procedures following a road traffic accident involving motorcyclist(s)

It’s probably very important to know this stuff. When I had my off I was very fortunate that 2 off duty police officers, who both happened to be traffic officers, stopped to assist. They were able to protect the scene so I didn’t get hit by any traffic, and administered first aid until the arrival of the paramedics. I would recommend all of us get 1st aid trained, and it’s important it’s bike specific, so it covers things like removing a crash helmet if the casualty has breathing difficulties. It’s sometimes necessary to do it, as it was in my case, but there is a technique that must be followed to avoid spinal/neck injuries.

So please, everyone, get on one of these courses

They are willing to do a session in London if at least 12 people are willing to sign up.
I have asked them for some more details eg venue and dates and will put up a new post when I hear back from them.

please can we have one in London somewhere… i was googling motorbike first aid courses etc and they all seemed to be far far away from me… i would love to do a course like this… :slight_smile:

Was looking at going up to do this one, but if we can get 12 to do London, count me in. I’m refreshing my BLS next month anyway in order to renew my ALS, but this is bike specifiic which is a bonus.

I contacted them via FB to find out if they do one in London but have not heard back from them, so if anyone finds anything out, I’ll be interested for sure.

They have emailed to say that they will do one in London but that we need to find the venue because although they are happy to travel for the course, they cannot come down to search out a venue -totally understandable. They said they just need somewhere with chairs, toilets and tea/coffee making facilities - obviously dry and warm!
Does anyone have any contacts or know how to arrange something cheap as I assume we will need to cover the cost ourselves?
Perhaps a school hall, university or college room, town hall…or someone with a massive house! :D:D

I did the St John’s Ambulance Motorcycle First Aid course in London - really good and useful. Ended up using my new skills 3 days later on some guy who got T boned by a car… Q

Hi Simon,
Apologies for hijacking your post - would just rather do this in London

Anita, no worries I would rather do London too, and as it appens in my best jimmy Saville i may now have work probs with that date… any one rekon The Ace would let us use the stage (bike safe area) if it didnt clash…

Was thinking the same earlier so called to ask. Need to call tomorrow during the day to check with someone else.
I also put a post on general page and there are a couple of people going to get back to me.

ya, was thinking of the ace as well, thanks for checking this out, would be good if we could do it there.

did they say they need a minimum or can only take a max on people?

I have spoken to the ACE - they asked me to email them so they can get back to me. I did that today.
I didnt get through to the First Aid people today - it just rang out.
I have emailed them because need to know the maximum number of people that can be in a group without making it too big, whether they will still provide food for the price or whether the price will be less, whether they will charge more for coming to London…etc etc.
Ended up in work for 7 hours today - on my day off!!! - so didnt manage to sort much.
I will post as soon as know more.

ACE didnt get back to me
The company havent emailed back and nobody answered the phone.
I will try again tomorrow and friday and will post if things progress