emergency dyno!

My fighter is finally done and for the 1st time in almost a year its running on 4 (split float found to be the cause) sounds the nuts, looks awsome, but heres my prob, we put stage 3 dynojet kit in and set carbs as instructed but now it is pumping fuel through like mad (red hot pipes after 15 mins odd of riding) so i need to get it on a dyno, problem is im meant to be taking a weeks holiday next week and its my 1st week off work or training in over a year!! so as you might expect im pretty down trodden at the thought of missing my week off because i cant ride! :crying:

so basically, can anyone reccomend a dyno centre close by that may be able to squeeze me in monday or something? or is there anyone on here who might be able to help? :ermm:

hi i used westlondon suzuki a week ago cost me £160 power run & remap great guys & a great job i called them in the morning had my bike in at 3pm the same day.

k5 gsxr1000.:

they are located in bedfont west london near heathrow

thanks alot mate will give em a try, just msg’d banjax aswell on here so hopefully will get some results!

no problem, hope you get it sorted in time.

Rhalf46 (05/11/2008) Not sure what power is your bike putting out? Want to find out? Come to SBK City and we will do a Dyno Run free of charge for you including the print to compare with your friends, we will give you expert advice on how to get the best out of your bike’s performance, give us a call and bring your friends with you lets do something in these boring days of cold.

SBK City Servicing LTD 15 Hessel Street, London E1 2LR.

Tel: 02074805775

Dont know if its anwhere near you, but worth a try.

cheers mate, gonna give everywhere i can think of a ring tomorrow and see what i can work out

Try Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn…and…erm,tell us where you live (not too much information obviously).

020 7328 1428

north london :), last time i tried southerncross they had a 2 week wait :stuck_out_tongue: hear good stuff about them though!

If you’re in North London you could try Datum Performance in Wembley. Their number is 0208 9080898, you’ll need to speak to Doug.

What filter(s) have you got fitted ? sounds like it’s running way too lean if the pipes are that hot.
The stage 3 kits can be bastards to set up, especially if you have individual filters (like I did ).
Mind you, I set mine up using the ole ‘seat of the pants’ dyno - we didn’t have the real thing in rural Berkshire :cool:

i can fit you in short notice dude surreysupermotos.co.uk :smiley:

If you fancy a trip to Stevenage, I can help?

been sorted now thanks for all the replies though peeps :), its got twin pod k&n filters and its just a bugger trying to set it up, either go too lean or too rich! needles will need a fiddle and carbs a tweek and will let you know the results on sat!..powerpuff i sent your other half an email sometime last week about my exhaust i need made up (spoke to him on the phone 1st and he said email pics) but still no reply :frowning: , will be away all this week but still on the site so anychance you could ask him if he recieved it and let me know? cheers