Embankment closed in both directions Tower to Mansion House

What a rotten ride today!

Embankment is closed between the Tower of London & the Mansion House tunnel.

Then followed by rozzers in a van through Westminster, Rozzers in a panda through Knightsbridge and then by rozzers in a BMW intercepter along the A4!

Maybe im on their most wanted list?

Blackfriars bridge/Waterloo bridge etc southwark all jam packed!! whats going on ??

Yep second that. Really horrible ride in today. My normal route round tower down on to the Embankment closed and heavy traffic all the way in from home.

Seems like everyone got the call to go somewhere today and I wasnt informed.

According to LBC a cyclist has been killed. R.I.P.

Traffic report:

A3211 Upper Thames Street Eastbound closed, queueing traffic due to accident investigation work between Puddle Dock and A100 Tower Hill, congestion on Eastbound to A400 Northumberland Avenue and on A1203 The Highway to A126 Butcher Row. Lorry and a cyclist involved near Southwark Bridge just before 07:30. Westbound reopened just after 10.00. Still long queues in both directions and on all surrounding routes in the City.

Don’t like the buggers, nearly got one this morning as he came across red lights, but they don’t deserve to die.

R.I.P. cyclist

There was congestion on the A3 in Oval this morning due to a cyclist down. Didn’t look fatal though.

They showed an image from the traffic management cam this morning and there was a big Keltbray tipper truck in the midst off all the cop cars…

So I suspect the poor bugger got in to a fight with that (undertaking?). It looked to be in the vicinity of the new Watermark Place development, which has a lot of construction traffic.

What really bugs me about all the construction work forever going on down there is the complete disregard of the fact that the road is a Red Route - you know, like no stopping ever, for any reason.