Hi All,

I’m Rob, Met up with the London Bikers whilst helping out at the Breakthrough weekend

(I was a wimp and only did the Saturday)

Just to explain my tag (is that the right phrase) - I’m soon to be bikeless as my current ride has to go to assist my latest purchase (a house - with a whopping mortgage ) which also expains the exile - as I’m a Londoner - born and bred - now living MILES outside the M25.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel as I still have a 600 Bandit (unfaired and original of course ) hidden under the junk in my old man’s garage in need of quite a lot of TLC including the camchain tensioners (apparently). It’s been inactive for about a year so it probably needs new battery, tires, chain, brake fluid… anything I forgot

Hey Rob, welcome aboard Good to meet you yesterday. Good luck with the Bandit, let us know how it goes

Hey Jay,

Has your hand recovered from Saturday’s flaming exhaust…?

I’m guessing knuckle hair is also at a premium

Only teasing - it was good to meet you too!

Hi Bikeless welcome to the LBs maybe see you on the 2nd at the Ace


Hi Bikeless, a big Newbie to Newbie welcome

Welcome to LB, hope to see you at a rideout sometime - there is the Newbie meet at the Ace on the 2nd of October - hope to see you there.

Keep it rubber side down!

Another newbie, welcome to the forum.

Hi Rob and welcome…hope you’re not so knackered now…LOL

and well done for Saturday…Sunday was even better…!


Welcome, good luck with the repairs and poke with the newbie stick.

Welcome to LB

poke poke n SMACK with the newbie crutches

it was my hand that got very hot lol