Hi all, joined site a while ago and found my way here via the R1SUX number plate link from boxhill site.

Its my gixxer 1000 with the R1SUX plate,if you see me about come and say hello.

Hi there.

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



ps dont let Si near your plate


Waves hello…

hmmmmmmmmmm ill welcome you to LB R1s suck eh??

watch this gonna do a trick now using my powers of prediction your gixxer is…

…BLUE & WHITE!!! no doubt

mine R1s yella and if you see one with LB stickers thats mine come and say hello too!!!

Hi dude, welcome to LB

welcome to the site mate. love the plate…oh how true…

Hehehe, hello Road runner, welcome to LB! Nice plate mate! (Fellow K5 owner here) Why not post up a picture of the whole of your bike in the Pictures forum! Hope to catch you at our Cubana meet some time…

nope not a blue and white-stealth black m8

That will upset Leggy pete he has one too… ill keep an eye out for ya

Welcome to LB, Enjoy

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Welcome to LB; see ya down the road sometime at one of the many gatherings

Love the plate…welcome to LB !!

Welcome Roadrunner. So how is that Bussa of yours going? Any new top speeds set? Let us know when and where you are running it.

Hi mate,racing the busa and my gixxer on 2nd-3rd september gonna be trying for the 1000cc class record

Well can you let us know where and timings etc - would love to come and see the action.

Elloooooooooooooo and welcome to LB

class plate, welcome to the madness