Ello Ya'll

Hi all
Im Njs71 nephew and wanna join biking very soon but right at this moment, am too young
im gunna be a frequant member 2 the forums and may (if me uncle lets me ) come on a meet or 2
so just like too say hello 2 every1 and hope every1s ok
i am hoping soon to buy a 50cc dirtbike, i have a few friends selling some for 1000-2000 quid so ill look into trying 2 get the money :o

Hello and welcome. Good to see that your getting into biking and dirtbiking is a good start. I think you need to convince your uncle to get down to the ace more often and you should come along too. Ride safe.

Ello to you too BeaverLJ… Welcome to the site… Bet you can’t wait till you get your licence all sorted out!! I’ve been riding Jay’s DRZ400 and I must say I have been having a LOT of fun on it around town…

Hopefully meet you in the near future dude!!!

Hello beaver i’ll take you out on the bike soon…maybe take you to the BMF at the weekend. I wonder if you can come on the minimoto this saturday, that way you can have a ride to the ace then on to the minimotos at brands-hatch. I’ll let you know, ok

Hey, welcome! Hummm, the feeling of the first bike… Enjoy every moment mate!

thanx 4 replys peeps and n1 U/Neil
noping 2 meet peeps soon as im only a little nipper atm only joking im getting close 2 the age lol…
thanx 4 replys + thanx 4 replys in advance

Hello! Welcome to the site! You’re going to love it, man, I wish I’d have been lucky enough to be given a ride at a young age! That’s how Valentino Rossi started you know!

Oh yea a superstar in the making SEE YOU IN THE MOTO GP PADDOCK… LOL


Welcome to the site champ, I started off on a 50cc dirtbike as a youngster too - best way to start!

Welcome to London Bikers. Does not really matter what the bike is, its a bike and thats the main thing. Maybe catch you around sometime.

Hello - I’m a newbie too.