ello heres my fighter

met a couple of people down the ace tonight so i thought i would register heres a pic of my fighter



What bike is that based on ?
Wait till El Diablo sees this post !

Nice Gixer buddy. How does it run with that system?

You must have some sore thumbs with all that bling :smiley:

It runs fine tts at silverstone set it up it has to run rich it makes about 110bhp.I didnt do the polishing what happend is my brother and me built it then i had to sell it because i blew my srad up got a track day srad crashed that got compensation 3 months back and the bloke how i sold it to had put it on ebay with all the polishing done and exhaust by f1 moto so i got it back .

P1ss off Sonny, you aint no londoner!

Is that a Priller 125 back end?:w00t:

Seeing that will spur Terry-Moto on :wink:
Nice ride :cool:

beat me to it!

welcome sonny…met you at the ace last night…got the gsx 1400. you get home alright last night .fecing cold on that m1 see ya round and welcome to lb


Very nice bike;pity did not see it last sept at streetfighters night at ace;ah well maybe when we are over in june.