ello every1

not really a newbie but i am defintly gonna make the effort to get involved more

Hey fella, welcome to LB, formally What do you ride?

Hello and welcome…

Welcome to LB mate feel free to get involved more banter is needed

Welcome to LB mate! Hope to see you on Wednesdays

that does not mean you are gonna get out of being poked with the newbie stick tho,…

But welcome…


Greetings & welcome

As you said " not really new", but alas that doesn’t seem to matter, they just like poking people with a stick

Hi mate welcome to LB

Hey mate have have fun

welcome to LB

Hello and welcome mate. Feel free to get more involved.

da_1_n_only… Welcome to LB…

i dont ride i only go pillion on my dads bike he has a cbr600f sport and he also has a nc30 which is never in use

well the nc30 will be what u need when u pass ure test - awesome bike…welcome