ello ello ello

In short I’ve been going to the ace since I was 15 and I’m going to turn 23 this year so I have met most of the people for the sight at some point or another. This is my final atempt to make a post as I have tried many times before with no luck. Anyway Ill see some of you down the ace.

Oh yea I’m Sean and I used to ride a red Hornet 900 I got knocked off that in december and now im on a CBR600rr on an 06 plate bright blue.

Safe Riding people.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB. Glad your final attempt was successful. :slight_smile:

Hey sexy boy :wink: Finally uve got urself on here :stuck_out_tongue:

hi welcome cbr600 nice bike too:D

Heya :smiley: Welcome to the Forum

Welcome to LB

Maybe meet you at the Ace one friday