Ell Down

Just saw this on VD thought I’d let you boys know

"Ell’s flipped his bike… doing a wheelie at 60mph - sending him into a lamp post - Not ideal.
He’s got a fractured shoulderblade and lots of bruising. No word on the bike yet.

Ell’s messages to us all: - always wear a back protector, and thank fcuk for morphine.

…We await another mass-debate about road stunting. "

GWS Ell hope the Carbon ain’t to fooked (for those who ain’t seen it Ell’s is the Carbon KTM660 special in the gallary)

Hope he gets well soon.

Doh! Poor bugger. Broken Shoulderblade? Sounds serious, that’s gotta lay him up for a while All the best Ell, get well soon mate! Poor KTM as well…

All the best mate get well soon!


sounds bad, get well soon dude.

Oh, and Ell too

Arguements about road stunting - us? Na mate, got the wrong Forum there

There goes the northerner spooling for a ruck!

Get well soon mate !!

Ells VD reply:

Was wearing full protection Spike thats why there isnt a mark on me
Big up to Draggin jeans. The outer material is shredded but the kevlar is untouched. Unfortunately the docs cut them off me
1st thing im gonna buy
Think I hit a greasy manhole cover after lifting it in 3rd. Flipped so quick dave the brake wouldnt have made much difference. I did have it covered. Dont know about the bike the police took it but from what I remember people at the scene said it wasnt too bad!
Was a bit of a shock seeing it fly down the road on its side for 50m right in front of me as I folowed it!
Thought I was ok then saw the bloody lampost looming. Thought I was a gonner.
Hurting now. Just gonna send the dolly out for some Magners.”

Oh bu99er! … best wishes to Ell!! … glad he’s almost in one piece!

Here’s wishing Ell a speedy recovery… Mmmm morphine…