Elite Motorcycle Services - Security

Nope Dutch!

Just to be clear, the main alert system is by Geo-fence. The text alerts work via an on-board motion sensor. So even if you are out of text credits the system will still send an alert to TrakKing when the bike is moved out of the Geo-fence area.

That multi-network SIM is genius - wish Biketrac had it!

I’m trying to get my head around the numbers here

£250.00 One off payment assuming it lasts as long as the bike
£99.00 Per year annual subscription
£30.00 Per year (?) text messages

It all adds up to a fair wedge of hard earned to keep forking out and there’s no guarantee you’d get your bike back in the event its stolen. On the other hand I have to question how would all that affect the insurance premium and how does it compare against an increased insurance premium in the event of a claim. Of course other considerations would be would you want the bike back? What’s the bikes market value, bear in mind here it’ll carry a ‘stolen and recovered tag’?

My experience is that the most my bike insurance has ever cost was £300. That dropped to £212.00 and 12 Weeks after taking out that policy I claimed £6,500.00 for a total loss, purchased another brand new straight out of the box bike and the insurance on that came in to £280.00!

I’ve had a bike stolen and recovered in the past and I was never comfortable with it after that. However, since for me, the numbers don’t justify the outlay I’ll pass.

My insurance was ~£700 (fully comp.) with no security declared, vs. £560 with the Biketrac (£300 installed + £99/year). If my insurance was as cheap as yours I probably wouldn’t have bothered!

Im with art.
If they found my blade now I wouldnt want it back. I know I ride like a Twat but you never know what tge thief’s done to it.

But saying that, if I had a tracker and it was found that day I would be more than happy with the £400 outlay.

Believe Toony has just bitten the bullet and had a TrakKing installed also …


Did it taste nice

amazing!!! very tasty