Elite Motorcycle Services - Security

Some of you I believe know David, but thought I’d flag the A1*** service he provided me today.
Installation of a tracker system on the old ZX10r … ultra quick, ultra efficient, ultra professional … and a decent enough block to boot.

07710 480216

How much??

Dave’s advice was to go with TrakKing, as more bikes are being ‘found’ via that system than any other at present. My reviews and deliberations tended to agree with this view.

£179 for the kit, or £250 installed. Dave provides mobile installation - complete within circa 2 hours. He also set up my account and all I had to do was change the password and pay the annual subscription - £99.
I’ve paid the extra £30 for text advice when the ignition is turned on (comfort should you house be burgled and keys taken)

TrakKing: https://trakking.net/
Elite’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/elitemotorcycleservices/

Thats a good price

that is a good price, one of the other big ones is about £350 for the equipment let alone the install fees.

I’m going to get one done. Cheers Ian

It’s worth finding out which mobile network the tracker uses. If there’s no/poor signal for that particular network where you live, it’s not much help if someone lifts it from your driveway. FYI, Biketrac (I’ve got one fitted) uses EE.

will be cheers mate

Used him a few times. top fella and work is spot on

Just spoken to Dave re Network - he’ll be responding any second now …

any second NOW … LOL

10 mins later!!! (Whistles)

Sorry, been a while since I’ve been here. Took some time to figureout my login. Anyways, TrakKing uses a special multi network sim which will always use the strongest signal available.

ooh clever!

Are we there yet

… SIM now pulled out of TrakKing and inserted into Phone … !! LOL :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave … ‘cough cough’ … I mean “sparkyelite”

Actually funny you should say that Ian, all sims are going to go that way.

One thing I should mention about the TrakKing is the texts …

After the £99 subscription, as I said you get the opportunity to “turn on” the text advice if your ignition is turned on … great thinks I.
Only issue is you get 5no text messages included in the subscription per year. I used two of those yesterday !!
As such I’ve just had to buy a bank of further texts (100no) at £15.
So … to get the full bells, that’s £99/year PLUS £30/year PLUS banks of 100 SMS texts at £15.

However still thinks its value for money for piece of mind … just certain things are not explained on their website (unless its buried somewhere I haven’t seen)

SIMS - Must be a Chinese idea Dave !!!