Elephanten Treffen 2013.

Anyone interested?

It`s in Bavaria 1-3/2/2013.:slight_smile:

I think the S1K would struggle a bit :w00t:

It was born in Bavaria!:smiley:

Frankly, no.

Don`t you have a tent?:blush:

Sorry it`s in French.

The tent isn’t a problem. I lack the constitution of an Inuit though.

Have you watched the film? There are ways to be warm and cosy.:smiley:

That looks like the Dragon rally. :slight_smile:

Similar although the tail is on the front and there are not so many Welsh folk.:slight_smile:

Mrs J saw armadilloes in the wild, not relevant fact for her LB stalkers.:Whistling:

Anyway this one is in Bavaria in February so we don` need to pack a beer fridge.:stuck_out_tongue:

This will be what the outriggers are for then …It may be easier just to fit Mrs J with a pair of skis and then it would be an active control system :smiley:

not going there, dont like camping:D

Mrs J cant ski, wonder if DL Chatels ankle is fixed yet?:wink:


They might do the trick , maybe even get Ratatatrat up the hill :smiley:

Looking good but not sure they`d keep me upright on a sharp left hander.

Found some! Num Num, we are sure you can replicate :smiley:

That does look like fun :smiley:

I wan`t them even in summer.

Necessity the mother…:satisfied:

Leaving from Oakdene Cafe 7 .45am 31.1.13.

Who is a wolf and who is a squirrel?

The list:-

  1. Jetstream.
  2. Rioting Rob.
  3. slipper 1.

This rideout is limited to seven bikes as it`s a special number with connotations and symbolism.

Anyway who want`s to drag six dissenting lags across Europe in the snow?