Elephant and Castle

It’s been just over two months since the new road layout came into affect and I wondered if people felt safer now than before?
I personally don’t ride my bike around it if I have a choice even though it is the quickest way from home near london bridge to work at Camberwell.
I do drive my bus down london road and the New Kent Road. And nearly everytime I have am close call with vehicles doing illegal manoeuvres. Some has already been killed as well.
What do you think?

A joke… the phasing has changed this morning… and the lanes are too narrow for the larger vehicles… my taxes are going to waste !!

I no longer go through there. I take the back roads as it is safer and quicker.

there was a casualty the other day.  a pensioner or something.  and everyone says that its incredibly unsafe since the upgrade.  i personally havent had the pleasure yet.

Personally I think no one should steer away from it if it was on their original route … lets ALL get the thing snarled up !!!

The temporary lane markings are useless - lanes randomly appear and disappear where kerb lines have temporarily changed so people end up making panicked last minute lane changes and being south London nobody uses their mirrors, indicators or brains. Hopefully it’ll settle down as the permanent kerb lines start to emerge but time will tell.

Last week I saw a woman trying to reverse 200m back through the traffic lights at the junction with the A302 having taken the wrong exit and somebody who had somehow managed to turn right heading south from Borough and was going the wrong way into 3 lanes of oncoming traffic.

I don’t think it’s going to get better. Tfl have admitted in the December/January issue of the road magazine that they have been deliberately narrowing the roads to stop powered two wheelers from filtering. The rational is to make it safer on the roads to make the lanes ambiguous. In another article they said that they want PTW riders to get into cars or on public transport. This goes against the EU directive to include PTW in transport road planning.

its shite if you ask me, it was never great but it was funcational… Now it is just a clusterfuck!

^^Have to agree.
It’s not bad going south at the time I go through but north it’s crap, the narrow lane outside the church is rubbish for all road users.

Someone was killed by a hgv 2 weeks ago they closed it all off the Knock on Effect Was Gridlock.

as per my other post … i think it works pretty well  … nice off camber take off ramps for the bike …like a mini cadwell at times … tho they have changed the phasing a bit so tricky to get a run.

… the whole experience has been living near the seashore … every day the tide washes up something new … and at the elephant … there is always something new  … some new bollard/construction stuff going on each day …it aint over yet

Anyone know for sure what’s going on with the bus lane that comes off E&C and down A302 / St Georges Road? Big blue sign - badly put on the right - says buses and bicycles only (between road proper and the new bicycle lane!) but thirty yards later normal blue sign on the left says bikes can go in.

Can’t see any cameras 

its been like that since 2002  … there are no cameras but if plod was down the road they might whinge so I tend to avoid it