Electronic surveillance is getting close to good

Sorry to post this in stolen, but I think this is where most people would like to see it!

Just read a theverge.com article on motion-detecting cameras that let you see what’s going on via iphone etc; and can alert not just you but multiple people:

Hive (http://hivelabs.com/), Aspice (www.aspice.eu) and iCam (http://skjm.com/icam/support.php)

I’ll be installing one or other to save me from wondering whatever happened to my bike once some scrote nicks it. Which they’ll try and do. Because they’re scrotes.


Why don’t you contact the forum mods and pay to advertise here? Rather than scrounge free publicity?

G’day Nate :crazy:

Nothing to do with it.

Two bikes down and badly want to see improvements in security. Insurance has gone up for me x3. Tired of the thieving.

So I figured others might be interested.

To be clear - I have absolutely no interest in, participation, attachment to or association with any of the companies I mentioned, and nothing to do whatsoever with distribution / sales / retail / supply of any bike or security products at all.

My personal interest? The more people have good security, the fewer the thieves around to nick bikes.

Basically, the easier we all make it to (1) prevent theft and (2) make it a doddle for the rozzers to catch thieves, the better for all of us.

You can understand why people are suspicious when your first post is a product promo :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely this is old news? I set up a motion sensitive camera that can be seen from my Android at any time (and also e-mails me pictures any movement on the drive) for less than £60… and that was 8 months back. I think this has been possible a couple of years, minimum.


Yeah, looks like my first post but actually kicked off spouting and angry back in July after theft #2!

Cool to know there are more products out there. I’ll look into that £60 system, cheers.

Basically I’m locking up the bike with heavy chains and anchors. I want to catch footage of any scrotes who come for a look-see / fiddle, drip-feed it to the fuzz and build up a case file.

Where I live we’ve got an active little gang cell, burglaries, bikes, pushbikes - you name it. Need these beggars REMOVED!

The tech is getting so cheap now, and so good, that the manufacturers really ought to be fitting it as standard.

Tbh, if you’re after a serious system, I would be looking around £200 to get better quality camera/pictures. I’m just saying, this sort of tech is quite old and in common use, even on a budget. There should be lots of options out there at differing price ranges.