Electrician's advice required

I’m laying up my bike for winter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of a garage. So the bike will simply be left under a cover. I was thinking about hooking it up to an Optimate battery charger. To do this, however, i will have to run a trailing socket from inside my house, under the back door, along the ground for about 3 metres to the bike, where I would put the socket and Optimate under the pillion seat. Is this as stupid as it sounds or can I get away with it? I’m worried about the safety of an electrical cable lying exposed on the ground outside in the wet and cold. Any advice appreciated.

I’m no sparky but if it was me i would put some outdoor cable through a hole in the wall seal it with silicon, then run it to where my bike was and put and outdoor socket on, sort of thing you would use for a pond.


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And thanks njs, I’ll look into the outdoor cable stuff.

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much better to take out battery and keep it on charge inside.


Likewise from me, take the battery out and keep it snug and charged indoors. Failing that, the outdoor electrics is the way to go but I do believe that it now has to be installed by a qualified electrician, you may need to use armoured cable as well and thats going to cost.

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agree with chuffster if its outside the frost will probably harm the battery anyway, save the expense and remove the battery, probably makes your bike harder to steal if it cant be started as well

if…you do not take out the battery for whatever reasons you can get 2.5 metre extension leads for the optimate…couple of those should do it

A-ha! Lateral thinking. V good - gets my vote.

Besides, you know you’ll trip over the wretched cable and do some damage somewhere.

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Thanks for all the replies. I thought about taking the battery out. The only difficulty then is the alarm won’t work. And where I live, I need an alarm!