Electrician needed

I’m looking to have a motion-activated light installed out the front of my house, with the option to turn it on demand. The thing is, I could just drill through the wall and plug it in to a power socket, but the socket nearest the wall is used heavily already, so ideally I need someone to rewire it safely.

Do we have any electricians amongst us? Before I go and read up on how to frazzle myself…

i’am your man Jay

That is what i do !!!


i need an electrician too! although its jsut to have a quick look at my flat as i think a transformer has blown… one whole side of the room has gone off (spotlights) and i just need someone to look at it tonight.

what are your fees for a call out?

if you’re free to look at it tonight then that would be great…

PM me if you’re interested in a little more work…


PM send

replied to your PM about another service that may be required if you’re up to it…

take a look at the pics

then you will know if i am up to it



looks good…

i definitely dont need anything that fancy but i will need the speakers mounted into the walls… so just let me know when ur better dude… and hope the you and the bike are back on the road soon…