Electrical problem sorted

Heh, ever since the trike was serviced in August and had a little bit of electrical work done (new hazards switch, tidy up), the blasted Datatool has played up and not gone into valet mode and the battery seemed to be losing charge a bit too fast.

Then, about a week ago, the left rear stop/brake light and hazards packed up. Hmm, fuses? bulb? Nope - it was uncannily similar to what happened a year ago, which turned out to be a badly extended earth during conversion. I bodged it back together back then, so I had a look at it this time and right enough, it was apart again. So this time I soldered an extra bit in and did a proper bodge!

Et voila. Lights work, hazards work, alarm does what it ought and the battery keeps its charge. Ta-daaa :smiley:


You have to love those moments when the accidental discovery and fixing of a problem brings true happiness.

Pity they are so few and far between!

gd stuff fella…i hate electrical problems, when i 1st got my bandit project the loom looked like someone had attacked it with a hedge trimmer then wrapped the whole lot back together in electrical tape :unsure:

Good work, I always get a sense of satisfaction doing a job on the bike myself-it feels even better when I do it properly :slight_smile:

Good going sorting the electrickery issues, I am usually stumped by them… Nothing like fixing something properly, even if it is a bodge! :smiley:

well done 7wheeler :slight_smile:

must get round to bodging my autocom system onto bike to listen to my choons :smiley:

Nice one 7 wheel - I hate electrical problems - my last one was on the Hornet - fan didn’t come on when the bike started overheating - which is a bugger if you ride in town - natch the problem could have been any one of a number of different things e.g. fuse kaput (not difficult to ascertain that one) fan kaput, heat sensor kaput, thermostat kaput, wiring loom problem - it’s difficult to know which potential problem to troubleshoot first in these situations (barring a blown fuse) - so I tested everything until I decided to take the tank off and slit the sleeve off of the wiring loom and inspect the connections (referencing the wiring diagram) - it turned out to be a corroded connection - simple problem after a lot of buggeration with continuity testers etc. In truth I should have inspected the loom first. . . :Whistling: :wink:

Well it’s all come back to haunt me now.

Today is the 21st anniversary of my big off and the beginning of my second life, my 21st birthday again as it were (seeing as I died for a while, I’m told). So I took the day off to revisit the scene, the old A303 at the eastern end of Ilminster, Somerset, because I’d never been back and today seemed like the right time.

Plainly, this is not meant to be. I got to the Esso at the top of Archway Rd this morning to fuel up for the outbound leg, and found that I couldn’t disarm the alarm/immobiliser, a Datatool Veto+. In fact, I spent the best part of 5 hours stuck there; the AA came and went, I spoke to Datatool experts, I got a new fob battery and tried every trick there is, but no luck. So eventually I had to call the recovery vehicle and that was that. The trike is now back in its garage, fully fueled and totally unusable. :frowning:

That’s me off the road until I get that sorted. Oboe locks.

Hope you get the prob sorted once and for all 7.

I guess you were planning on laying some ghosts to rest by visiting the site of your big off. Powerful stuff mate - I’m not suprised it’s taken 21 years before you’ve felt ready to do this.

Yep, new Datatool System 4 going to get sorted.

It’s always been a place I wanted to revisit, see if it brought back a memory of what happened. It has just never happened for one reason or another. Johnse1 has been through his site a couple of times looking for the same, but I fear that the memory is erased with trauma at the time. Always wonder what and why though.