Electrical problem - can you suggest an electrician in N/NW London?

Hi all,I have an Aprilia Atlantic 500 (yes its a scooter not real bike! :))

I am looking for a good motorcycle/scooter electrician in North / North-West London - any recommendations welcome!

I have tried sorting out this problem myself I have failed misserably, so its time for an expert!

I am copying in parts of my post in another forum about my problem, please feel free to make any suggestions!

THis is the link for the full post: http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174819

This is the synopsis: "OVERHEATING!!! Everything is fine (i.e. temp gauge a bit below half point) while ridding in normal traffic until I get stuck and the engine is idling. Just above the half point the fan kicks in but the temp gauge moves quickly and erratically into the red with the warning light coming on. The voltage in idle drops normally, and if the RPMs rise, the temp gauge goes back to the middle (again very quickly). Also if i turn the lights on or having the brake lights, or indicators or whatever that eats away the voltage at idle, the temp gauge shoots quicker into the red. I can also hear the radiator turning slower when the lights are on.

Now get this: even if the engine is not running but ignition is on, the temp gauge is going up and down according to the voltage again: turning low beam on-off makes it go up and down. The hotter the engine the more the movement. If i try this in the morning when the engine is cold, the temp gauge doesnt move a notch regardless of low beam etc etc. Once the engine starts warming up then the show begins!

Anyway, this is driving me mad, I have fitted a new battery, checked the fuses, wiring, temp sensor on the engine, removed dashboard, but nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Thanks for reading this rather long post, I will let you know of the solution once I get one (I hope), and I will be happy to read any suggestions or similar experiences.

Many thanks,


tried to find anything about this on the web i did come across something about the voltage regulator which does make sence to your issues.

the engine actually not getting hot just maybe voltage going into the temp gauge and you say it flickers when low beam is on too.

Thank you for your reply,I havent actually tested the regulator, and it is an item that fails quite frequently on these scoots.

However, I get a healthy 14.4 - 14.6V @ 5000RPM which is what the workshop manual states, so I though that my regulator is ok.

Turning the lights on, or indicators or pressing the brake levers makes the temp gauge to climb up pretty quickly (if I have everything on at the same time it literaly shoots up), regardless wheher the engine is running or not, but only after the engine gets hot.

If the temp sensor was getting innapropriate voltage wouldnt this be happening all the time (i.e. with the engine cold)?

if ya get totally stuck i know an electrician in south norwood, i know not nr you but not too far.

Not really a recommendation as such, but a suggestion at least.

Enfield Auto Electrical, Bush Hill Park, Enfield. 020 8363 5049. Used them recently for some car leccy-gremlins and saw some bikes out the back. Worth a quick phone call if nothing else.

Southern Cross in Kilburn, NW6

Thanks for you input/suggestions!I have booked with Southern Cross as it is the closest and I can only find praises in this forum - I just hope they wont “bite me” much as they are a dealer…(should I mention LondonBikers? :))

I am also writing a note/letter explaining the symptoms and it should help the mechanics there.

Will let you know what happens!



SC are a top bunch and they won’t bite. i always take my bikes there for work and get nice surprises with price when i pick them up:cool:

cant get better than steve in south norwood, not a dealer too so flexible/reasonable with prices etc.

have look in praise section for steve hallam.