Electrical appliance malfunction

Well, as I can’t be bothered to join a different forum thought I would ask here as there’s quite a few people here with knowledge of such thing. 

The exciting world of panini makers appears to have lost another stalwart. After 15 years of service, my appliance is doing something funny. When I plug it in (there’s no ON button) it immediately trips the main fuse of the house which controls the plugs. Changed the fuse in the plug of the appliance, tried different sockets to conclude that the issue is with the appliance itself. 

Anyone offer anything else I can try before I take it down to the skip to be recycled? I don’t like just throwing stuff away if it can be fixed but not sure I know how to fix this one

(ps, this is what happens when you get married, you go from talking about biking adventures to fucking panini makers!)

Sounds like there’s an internal short - so something has failed - given it sounds like its mostly just a heating element and thermostat… its probably in silicone heaven now.

I wouldn’t even bother trying to fix it. As abz said, it sounds like a short, it’s probably unsafe to try and fix.

Sounds like it’s toast…

Bet I can fix it :wink:

Sounds like it's toast.... Pat
Oh crumbs, looks like I'll have to go and buy a new one...

It’s not toast, it’s panini

Either way it’s bread … Badum… Thank you very much. Exit is to your left.

Either way it's bread .. Badum.. Thank you very much. Exit is to your left. banman
D' ough! 

Cheesy puns going on here…

Cheesy puns going on here... mole
At yeast we're having a bit of fun... :D

I wonder if Scorch really can salt it out for you?

The responses are a bit stale to be honest.

This is the one we’ve bought just recently - well pleased. Plenty of space, heats up the food evenly, collection tray for oil, and the plates themselves are removable and dishwasher safe.


Had the same thing with my toaster, plugged in and shorten the circuit all the time. It’s in recycle heaven now.

Nothing like an excuse to go for Currys.

Nothing like an excuse to go for Currys. Rosso
That was a spicy comment. Also, VonShef? I should sue

As above I think you’re going to knead a new one :smiley:

this is a very pressing matter

seriously though, you’ve a short in the cable probably. replace that if you can and if you really want to keep it.

If you use you loaf, it wouldn’t be too much dough to buy a new one.