Electric Scooters and your license


I was wondering after watching this how does the law regarding what license you must hold for electric sccoters and motorbikes since they dont have any CC ?

Most of the restrictions such as CBT A1 A2 all have power restrictions. So probably be based on that.

What a terrible review!! that lady was a liability on that thing…

Am seriously considering getting a leccy scooter for commuting, this one is very good cos I could plug the battery in at work and get them to charge it :smiley:

Problem is that the scooter looks very feminine…

Your licence is based on the kW output of a bike not CC.

For example, if I did a D/L check of someone who has only done a CBT and DVLA have marked it on your licence, it’ll tell me you’re only entitled to ride a motorbike ‘up to 25kW power output’, but if, like me you’ve done the DAS for example, it’ll tell me you’re entitled to ride anything ‘over 25kW power output’. The CC is never mentioned on the licence.

ahhhhhhhh right I just remenber it as being from when you could ride a 50cc on a car license…but I guess thats so the public know easily what it is. now to find out how they calculate the KW :smiley:

Forget the power thingy, with a 22 mile range (claimed) it’s pretty useless if you live in the suburbs.

Add to that, I’ve never come across a test that has managed to meet the manufacturers claims and this is looking like a bit of a crock … …