Electric bikes


Electric bikes are the future but that future is a way off, the days of petrol-engined bikes are numbered but that number is still pretty big. Technology has to solve all elements of the weight/power/range equation, and the infrastructure for re-charging or battery-swap needs to be in place before they become a practical alternative. Their day will come, but not for a while yet. I’m 60, I probably won’t see it.


this is interesting tho


going to have a test ride … just dont like the lack of a clutch (aka wheelie button)


They have a lot of torque so if your brave enough crack the throttle and it will wheelie, however due to the slight delay I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to control it as a power wheelie!


I use the clutch a lot to smooth power, not just the admittedly what can be a choppy throttle.

I’m well intrigued about a test ride.

I’ll have to empty my cup to lose the clutch on a bike with some decent power!


I like the idea, but the Zero’s are all so ugly, and while that wouldn’t stop me… they are all very high so no chance for a 26 inch leg girl.

Is the NC750 as boring as it looks? yourebarred
I have the NC700X DCT, so no bouncing off rev limiter unless I've stuck it in manual mode.  Works a treat for commuting and the adventure styling gives you height to view over cards etc... Very capable and quick enough for London traffic. Oh did I say economical as well.