einstein's riddle

saw this on another forum and started solving it.
it took me less than 20 min, so i’m a 2%-er!
i have the extended result not just the answer but i’ll let you play this game on your own


Done it…in 13 mins…:slight_smile:

Surely Special Relativity means that absolute space and time does not exist and therefore simultaneity is a meaningless concept making the riddle unsolvable.

Um… how?

I would beg to differ upon this point…

well done
i did it under 20 min too!

donno if to post the result and explanation, might ruin someone’s game

…you have a point. If you can’t accept that the ‘first house’ is the one on the left you’ll never get started.

My Mother told me I was special …

and not to mention the … :wink:

Hmmm, most of these riddles reportedly from Einstein have nothing to do with him. Mostly it is people trying to big up there own riddle by claiming it was created by Rutherford or Planck, and only the most intelligent 2% percent can solve it.

einstein was right
i’ve put this riddle on 3 other forums
more than 100 ppl have read it
i only got 2 answers :))
after that i’ve placed a hint on one of the forums
to see who can solve it from there

it took me 30 seconds to click the ‘find the answer’ button… did i win? :smiley:

you must say how you did it
i know i can cause i wrote down some of the moves i made

I know how I would solve the riddle but I can’t be arsed and I’m still in bed. What percentage does that put me in? The 98 or the 2?:crazy:

So, the German owns a fish… I don’t get the problem… :ermm:

It’s hardly a riddle, is it ? just simple deduction, surely …
The stuff for entry to MENSA is a little more challenging (not much though, TBH)
Piece of piss for a wurzel genius like me :wink:

Agreed. It wasn’t THAT difficult… I am sure old Albert was being a bit harsh on the world population saying only 2% would solve it.

3% maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

same here can’t be asked, it’s a process of putting things together and then working out which one is left out without a pet, simples

My boss sent this around to our group (about 30 people) a few months ago & about half of those who had a look at it (about 20) solved it… I think 2% is way off the mark…

Well a huge number of the world’s population is uneducated, and I seem to know a lot of idiots so maybe 98% isn’t too far out :stuck_out_tongue:

Spot on.

Another infamous Einstein misquote doing the rounds is where he’s quoted as saying when all the bee’s die out humanity will have only a few short years left. Bees have been hit with mass die-offs, and humanity probably does only have a few short years left (relatively) but Einstein didn’t say it.

He did, however, ask What is an electron? and was never truly satisfied with the answer.