'eh up

I’m Brad, currently living in Brixton. I saw a lass on Striple-R on the A1 a couple of days ago with a londonbikers decal on her helmet and thought I’d join up and say hi.

So: “hi”!

Welcome to LB.

If the lass was wearing a white Boxer helmet I believe you are referring to Hels.

Quite possibly. It was just at the big “Welcome to Green Lanes” arch that I caught up with her. Mostly a question of “Oooh, girl on Triumph” than “Oooh internet forum”…

I currently ride an FZ6. Don’t judge me. My first big bike.

Welcome to LB:), what part of brixton you in mate?

I live up the Hill, more or less on the crossroads between Brixton, Clapham, Streatham and Tulse Hill. Nice quiet area, surprisingly…

I’m down the noisy end!:w00t:, all the way down Brixton Road until you hit Kennington Park, looking forward to seeing you at one of the meets mate;):slight_smile:

Know it well, I work in the city so I ride past every day.

I’ll be at the next Borough market meet, I’m a 6’4 tattooed, pierced and shaven headed type, but y’know, friendly…

Is there a core of five or six here who meet at Rykas or something at the weekends? Need someone to show me where the good roads are!

Keep an eye on the ride-out & meets section of the site, members normaly post when they’re heading to box:)

Hello and welcome:D

Afternoon, breaddy. Welcome

I live just down the road in Peckham, give me a shout if you fancy a ride out.

Always! Vice versa, too. I’ve no bikey mates in London, yet!

Welcome and I’m over in East Dulwich also on a FZ6 :smiley:

Hello mate…nice to see you found us here … as rob said…get to one of the meets…either borough market or black heath tea hut on a weds :smiley:

Seems like everyone who has responded lives over this side of the water…I am in dulwich same as ^^^ nivag… always running around someplace at the weekends…check rideout section for upcoming bits n pieces…

Oh ye…one more thing…

“south side”

*gun fingers

lool :smiley:

Elo elo… I’m saaarf east too…In Anerely. Don’t commute in as I’m stuck where bike parking seems to be a swear word! Definately get down to one of the wednesday meets! :smiley:


Welcome to LB …

That’ll be our Hels, she’ll be along soon enough to save you.

Hello buddy. Looks like I’m another biker, near your I live on the clapham / stockwell border. I’m a Thundercat :D.

Fancy a ride give us a shout.