LP FI Dynatek M+ Controller


Power Commander III USB

both only as good as the guy setting it up but the PC3 is as versetile as you need really

looks like you got a suzuki tho so yoshimuras box is worth a look , crescent do them and r the buisness at setting them up otherwise go to carbontek in whyteleafe

he lives 1000000000 feet above sea level!! somewhere in the states so cresent is a bit far…

the worst thing is his k6 thou kicks out about the same at the back wheel as my k5 750!! mad effects of altitude…

ok sod buying the power commander and move to a lower part of the world , instant bee aich peees

hehe thats what i was thinking!!

I usually run about 80-85% horsepower.

I just came across the Dynatek and wondered if it was any good but it can’t be dyno tuned so I will stick with the PC for a custom map.

I will try for 165-170hp relative to sea level so I can get 135-140hp at my altitude.

My buddy just put a turbo on his ZX10, 230hp with 5pds. It’s ridiculous.

I love living where I do cuz I can get some awesome mountain twisties, I will post pics when the weather gets warmer.

thats true front i seen some of your pics and it looks amazing.

Like iv said b4 rear wheel power is mainly about bragging rights, very few can use it…

And most have a lot more fun ragging a smaller bike

I was recently told that PC3’s on the new gixxers are a waste of money. Suzuki now distribute software to certain dealers/dyno centres than can map the new ECU’s with better results than a PC3.

Does anyone have anymore info on that???

Are you talking about this?


I believe it is laptop software. The TEKA box has been around for ages.

This is what I read:

"Hi Guys

I have had the PC moved from my bike. I had a long talk with Steve Jordan about mapping the standard ECU.

Initially as someone else metioned the scope for remapping was limited, We are talking 1000’s up to K4 and 600/750 up to K5.

Later bikes have a more powerful ecu. The standard ecu on these machines is far superior to a power commander and when adjusted with the correct Suzuki software should give at least equal or better results.

You still have to have the bike set up on the dyno and the ecu mapped to suit, but your not shelling out £250 for a PC first.

Steve was so convinced, he said he would get better results remapping my standard ECU that the custom map on the PC he would do it for free if he couldn’t.

He actually matched the 166bhp of the pc, but this was measured on a Dynopro dyno which typically reads a good few bhp less than a dynojet dyno.

As a last pointer, all thier 1000 superstock bikes run standard ecu.



"K5 thou onwards and K6 600/750 have got a bigger ECU (64 bit I think) than earlier models (32 bit)such as Tinks, and can be mapped to a greater degree than the PC can as it’s still down to the number of load sites on any given curve.

Imagine drawing a curve using 4 straight lines it would be pretty crap

now imagine it with 8 lines, it’s a bit better

so if you can draw it with 64 lines it would look alot smoother !"

I dunno, I don’t think there is anything but the TEKA box to remap and reflash your stock ecu.

I wonder if I could talk the dyno guy into getting one, hmm… hmm…