Effort Wednesday?

Depends if i get a better offer or not… So guess I’ll be there then

My bike is in hospital!!! So I doubt I’ll be there - same problem as I had a month ago - dead ignition switch - this time they’re changing the switch so it may actually be sorted - but still I’m without my bike.

They say the part will be in tomorrow but they doubt they’ll get round to it - soonest I’m expecting the bike back is Friday - and I’m even worried about that - at the moment even the sunday run is looking dodgy - it’s so unfair! and the train is costing me a fortune!


I’ll be there.

Weathers not looking good, would I look an arse if I came in my car? Riding from Oxford in the rain would be crap and after meeting everyone at the funeral for the first time i’d like to come here too

Was meant to be in London anyway all this week but plans changed, I’d still like to make some kind of an effort tho

you come from Oxford!! now thats comitment for you, personally i dont beleive the weather reports i just wait until it comes to it if its dry ill be out and if the roads are wet but its not raining ill be out, and i wouldnt laugh if you came in your car unless your car looks like noddys



Well I am quite resistable myself I can assure you.

Hehehehe, it does look like noddys only black with white bonnet stripes Its a new mini cooper

Well I don’t have alot else to do this week, just been offered a days karting in a TKM and Rotax Maxx Kart tomorrow at an official test day at Whilton Mill but can’t find anyone else to come. I hate being off when everyone else is working. Just been offered friday too tho so may do that anyway.

Went pro karting at Thruxton sat and it took me back to my racing days of being Midland Enduro Champion 2 years running so want to give it another serious go (even though I’m getting old now!).

All week off and not much to do, why not travel a bit to a bike meet?

I should be there depending if I can get there without Kevin, Andrew or someone because I’m awful when it comes to navigation


well Henn i go via the M4 its a peice of piss your welcome to tag along, i think it would be better if your behind me that pipe is LOUD…

Thanx Flatout, will keep it in mind and I’ll let you know soon enough… Its not that loud is it?


fraid i aint gona be there, im absolutely shattered, roll on weekend for a lie in!

Critter sitter sorted yiiippppppeeeeeee… Bikerchick2 do you want to still meet up somewhere??? I may be meeting more people at the Ace (I know how to get there) dont know yet plans have not been set in stone…So if you fancy meeting there give us a pm…

See you tomorrow

no lie ins sunday steve, you are still coming???

Unfortunately can’t make it on Wednesday Flatout as prior commitments .

By the way, good to chat at the ace on Friday night (black Texport leathers). Went down Chelsea Bridge after but there wasn’t too much going on. Most impressive thing was a lad on a scooter wheelying for a clear 100m off the throttle (pure balance).

you joined then good the hear from ya welcome to LB and all that speak to soon

doubt if i’ll be there, gotta be up at 3am thur for work

I’ll be there, assuming work let me out to play this time

Humm well if its pissing down maybe ill just put the bike in the van and come down…

I could park up and roll it in dry as a bone

I’ll be there of course, been to everyone since it commenced

Hey, LittleMissRoadRage, car is cool as long as you’re there

Come rain or shine, I’ll be there!


easy wig there has only been two… its not like youve broke a record or summin