Effort Wednesday?

so is everyone making the effort this Wednesday to the gaff in Waterloo???

sorry Flats no can do this week… have to study…

Sorting the Critter sitter as we talk…

Wouldn’t miss it for the world

Absolutely, nice weather by the looks of it, so would be MAD to miss it!

Maybe, depends on the lady i’m chasing at the moment…

chasing!! does that means she is running away???

To quote Team America, “fcuk yer”.

I’ll be there for sure…

lol not yet and anyway i’m irresistable to women.

yeah i found that with a new bike too!!! although it does shatter the illusion somewhat when i take off my lid…

i have to work on weds…but be there after for sure…

see ya’ll then!!!


6 days to go…six days to gooo…eeee…i…ere’o…6 days to gooo…yippy!!!

Put me down for a maybe, weather forcast isnt to good http://www.met-office.gov.uk/lib/includes/fsssi/city/london.html

I’ll be there!

Will be there, my first so be gentle. Will be standing a round of drinks

that is bollox it changes everday and its hardly ever right i think they look out the window when doing it, and not at the satilite pictures

The (ahem) road bike is a rumbling and it shall be seen out and about at a new bike meeting place on Wednesday night, well thats the plan anyway.

I,ll be there Flatster !!

I shall be there too…studies permitting!!! Hope ya’ll had a good easter!!!

should be there on my new gixxer