Effing on line pdf forms.

I need to make a simple application to the local Planning Authority for some tree works. I live in a conservation area so I have to submit a Planning Application. Fortunately a charge free one this time.

Of good, there’s a downloadable form. Hmm. It comes through as a pdf via Adobe Acrobat. That’s so handy. I can print it off, fill it in by hand and post it. But hang on. But this is supposed to be an on-line application form?

Can anyone recommend a free download, or cheap, programme for cracking the pdf format to let me fill in the goddam form and bounce it back to the council?

I had Foxit PDF editor a while back… but don’t think it’s free.

Try this: http://www.pdfescape.com

It’s pretty rough editing but you might be able to do the job…

OG - Aren’t you retired and supposed to have all the time in the world to write it out on parchment with a quill then take it down there en route to yer teacake and coffee of a morning??:smiley:

You can just export it from adobe reader as a word doc or type in google ‘PDF to word’ there’s websites that do it for free and email you the word doc.

Jetstream: There’s a small but significant difference between the theory and practice of retirement sunshine. And, for amusement value, which I fully support, you’re missing the point. It’s supposed to be an on-line application FFS.

Anyway. I took your advice. Dug out my Osmeroid italic nib pen (War department issue) and scratched my shaky old handwriting (blimey, the ague is getting to me) into the print-off on the old Ministry of Works bond paper and planned the whole of tomorrow around getting on my Humber Ordinary cycle to pedal myself to Bromley.

Sad to say, all my favored tea shoppes have closed, but with careful planning, I’ve found a route that avoids hills. By coincidence it passes a few pubs.

Ho-hum. A man has to do…

That’s more like it OG - have a lovely day out :slight_smile:

Print, fill in by pen, scan and send?