EEK!!!!! Nawty girl!

Moving house so I go and pick up some paperwork today, bike and car documents and just realised I should NOT have been riding my bike since the 19th May

Damn, may not be at cubana tomorrow now and a bullet cam that I have borrowed for a week may not get any use

Gonna see if I can get in in somewhere now AND hope to god it passes.

Take it to essential tyres Littlemiss! They’ll sort it out for you.

Cheers but I live in Bicester (not a real london biker you see )

I got it booked for the morning at 0800 when I finish my last night shift. I been on the phone to ER tho about some tyres, they STILL don’t have the Pirellies in I want! They offered me Avon Vipers but after asking about these on the Fireblade website they have had nothing but bad reviews so I’ll stick to what i know.

Get it sorted this weather is too good to leave it in the garage… but make sure its done for saturday ya still comin right???

Bloody hell, I’m making sure its done for 9am tomorrow. I’m off all week and not waiting until sat to go out on the bike! I’ll be there, probably meet the lot at the Ace first.

coooooooooooooool. you can bring the rabble down with ginger if he answers his message

Try mick surmans in aylesbury if you get stuck. always take mine there, but then he is only a mile away.

naughty girl!! ha ha, i think at some point i have done it.