Eeek! right turn........

Ok , So I have been travelling to my new job in battersea for some time now(bout a month)…Having been forced to use the cage recently I have been ducking and diving across brixton and clapham to get to battersea…Anyway, to cut a long story short, not knowing the area too well I have(for maybe 4 days) been taking right turns off of clapham common north side to take me out onto lavender hill…Only this morning did I notice the “no right turn” signs into the road I have been turning down!!!(woops)

As you can imagine my **sehole went into relapse thinking “oh dear, 4 x £80” thats a fair bit of corn…Anyone know if there are cameras along there?..if they are active etc etc…

I am not complaining here, I know I should have noticed the signs blah blah blah , but I didnt…so…anyone? lool

Look for nothing…see everything…or GET FINED :wink:

It’s fairly new that rule along that section I think it’s active between certain times but can’t be sure. I havnt seen any cameras but you never know.

@ garl - E … ho ho ho :wink: … I really should be more observant than my sig suggests lool

@ barry … I thought/was hoping you might pop up on this one as me n u work in same area…hmmmmmm…fingers crossed then lol

Not sure if there a cameras along that bit you will soon find out though.

I would grab some pictures of the signs if they ain’t noticeable just in case you need to appeal.

If you want re-assurance or find out for sure that you’re in trouble then call the Traffic Criminal Justice Unit on 0207 230 0565 they can inform you if you have been caught by any cameras (red light/lanes/speed)

Or you could just sit it out or have a look next time you head down that road or have a look on streetview I usually find that quite reassuring.

which road exactly are you turning right into to take you to lavender hill ? the artist formerly known as ASOE lol … ye man I am sure I will find out soon enough…where u been hidin anyway?

And Plummage , I will do the street view thing…not sure about phoning anyone and incriminating myself tho lool … thank you :smiley:

Just say a mate borrowed the vehicle a few days back and you were worried they’d misbehaved or they thought they did


Been about mate, i stop in time to time but ain’t really posted much.

you at the tea hut this evening? … ye am probs gonna show my mug there this eve mate…pop over…it will be lively no doubt as the sun is out :smiley:

@ cheekychick … 2 roads I took … forthbridge road…and stormont road :confused:

Them signs have been up for ages and did stop people turning right for a while, but I have noticed more and more chelsea tractors turning right when dropping of their silver spoon spawn - so i guess there aren’t any cameras or they can afford to take the hit.

ye Gav , I saw this on the first day and thought “oooh , let me duck down there”…second thought was “ooooh that was a lovely shortcut I will do that again tomorrow” lol

*everything crossed…could do without £320 jumping straight out of my wallet lol