edz thermal knicker bokers for bed or bike

ive just bought meself a set of EDZ Thermal leggins for wearing under my bike clobber for the winter months. Now, the beauty of these babies, is that you can double em up and either use em to get a bit hot an steamy in the old bed, or keep nice n cosy on the bike! bargain, saved me having to buy and flannelettes!!! and they were at the bargain price of £15.00!!

I do hope they weren’t a second hand purchase off E-bay!!

Just you mentioned “Hot & Steamy In Bed”

moi? second hand, i dont think so, how very dare you! ha ha, they are very warm!

PMSL…(how very dare you ha ha)…anyway Westie me luv?..agree with you and ive bought a all in one set from Frank Thomas? and they are SO warm under your gear, leather or textiles?..prob being, they have this sort of split at the BACK that does up with velcro, i presume to help “disrobe” for the loo?..cant imagine how hard thats gonna be when the time comes?..its got a zip all up the front so thats what im gonna have to use…the usual 15 mins in the loo, 5 mins to do the biz the rest to undo and do up the clobber youve got on, meanwhile, mates waiting outside for you, wondering what the hell youre doing in there…same ol same ol ,…

BTW? Took jkt and gloves back to hein gericke on monday? Ended up paying another £30 and got another jkt, cost nearly £200, supposed to be quaranteed waterproof, but then so were the others…this is the 3rd winter jkt…we shall see!! At the mo for me,best waterproof ive had is from Frank Thomas, dont think much of their leathers but their winter gear dont seem that bad?

Horses for courses…i guess!

Where’d ya get 'em, Westie? I was looking at them in HG and they’re up for £19.99 so not only did you get a lovely toastie item of clothing, you also got yourself a BARGINNNN!!!

There’s your problem, blade. When you go out with your waterproof gear you’re suppose to put it on YOURSELF, not on your horse. Though I’m sure the horse would thank you for keeping him dry…

(Oh dear, someone got the recipe wrong in the chocolate muffins this morning - sugar rush, sugar rush!)

Yes, the “Genuine Love Soiled” ones are so much more expensive . . .

ooh thats a good result jules!!! well done, i love the edz stuff its great, and they are soooooooo toasty warm!!!, and chocmuffin i will find out where i got them from online and pm ya!

kao5, soiled ? really dear!!