EDL idiot explains 'Muslamic Law'

Saw this tool on Russell Howard last night. Surely he can’t be genuine? Still it makes the EDL appear even less convincing than they already are. Racist dicks.


skip to 1:06 to get past the guy talking about the logo


Thanks for the link!

Brought me to this (at which I nearly pissed myself) -

Muslamic ray gams???:smiley:


Mosque’s in Mecca?!?! Who woulda thunk! :w00t::D:P:hehe:

Believe it brovver!

F*cking hell . . . :crazy:

Kind of ironic that some of them are also veiled . . . :w00t:

jeez there must have been a hell lot of inbreeding to get IQs like that…

Brilliant find Garret

Don’t skip! Then watch this (not as good as the other one but still …)

I’ve got some of that mulsamic vinegar in the kitchen, but I didn’t know it was the law to have it. Mine’s from Carluccios.