Edit posts

How does one edit a post?

Click on the pencil symbol at the bottom of your post.

There isn’t one…

Should be as below:

On the post I’m trying to edit, all I have the heart, chain ,and show more symbols…

That’s strange, that’s what comes up for others’ posts. Vs my own

@Jay is the option to edit linked to number of previous posts?

I’ve had this happen before, no idea why though


Oooooooo a game of beetlejuice.

i think there is a time limit, after a certain time you cant edit anymore.

I cant edit any posts past this one in the pun thread

Yes, I believe so. Though I’m not sure why you’ve created a new account rather than using your old one? I might be able to help you get access to your old one and merge in your new posts to that if you like?

I couldn’t remember all my details of old account. At the mo, I’d like to remove one of the pics in project thread…

pmsl - even I’m not that stupid!

@MickyT just post a link to the pic here and @Jay could then delete it for you, in the meantime we could all take a gander :wink:

@MickyT or ask @Jay if he can check if the Micky_T account was your old one and reset the password/email on that

What post was it? I don’t see any photo with an address in it

Hi Jay, it’s in thread “Spare parts mongrel” .Fourth pic down shows bike on stand and two wheelie bins, one green and one brown… The address is painted on the bins . That is the one I would like removed. Thanks for your help… Mick

No worries, I’ve removed it.

Thanks Jay, youre a diamond. I must be more careful in future… Mick