Ed zachary

A woman was very upset that she hadn’t had sex or a date for nearly six years fearing she may have something wrong with her she went to a local chinese sex therapist for advice on entering the room doctor chang said “wemove all your crose” so she did “now get down and craw reery reery fast to udder side of room” so she does “again” says the doc “reery reery fast” as she did it he started shaking his head “whats the matter doctor” she asked upset “you have Ed zachary disease probrem vewy vewy bad worse case i ever see dats why you neffa haf dates or sex” “oh my god” she shouts “ed zachary disease whats that” dr chang says “Ed zachary disease is when your face looks ed zachary like your arse”…

Turn the light off on ya way out !!

im digging deep for these… me old memory banks aint as sharp as they were

Exactly how old id this one!!!

Still had a chuckle though


Come on keep em coming! Recycle!