Ed March Talk in London - any interest?

You may have heard about Ed March - the crazy young dude, who has ridden a Honda C90 from Malaysia back to the UK. He has regularly posted on You Tube sharing many of his adventures, but his plan is to turn his many hours of footage into a professionally produced DVD. More info here: http://londonbikers.com/news/25605/ed-marchs-malaysia-to-uk-adventure-needs-you

I have pledged £20 for which I will receive a DVD if it gets made, but I noted on the donation page that there is an option for him to come and do a talk about his adventure, for £300. Have already asked him if he has one planned for London and apparently not yet. Thought about asking the Ace if they would be prepared to host an event (he’s happy for it to be a commercial/ profit making venture), but thought I would gauge if there was interest within LB to have our own private event. If we had 25 people I was thinking £15 each, with the profits going to the London Air Ambulance. Would have to find a suitable venue that has at least 25 seats, but thought it would be worth seeing if there is any interest, before doing much more about it.

Bump! :slight_smile:

dear lord please not at the ace, the acoustics are terrible in there.

Looking like it’s a non-starter anyway - no interest so far. :crying: