ECU Remap / Chip - car question

Sorry, a car related one…

I have a 2009 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro (211PS). Apparently this engine responds well to an ECU remap or chip. Possibly a bit of a chavvy thing to do (?) but I’m toying with the idea. There seem to be so many companies offering this so I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendation as to whether to go for a remap or superchip and, also, which company to go to / product to go for.



Depends where you live mate… there are a few good ones. I thought to do it for mine (different car) but went against it since if you take it to dealer for a service they may wipe the chip and you forked as you have to pay another £500 to get it done ++ insurance costs. Mine is a TD so went for a diesel box instead which seems to do about the same as a ECU remap and I can always take it off so don’t really need to tell the insurance either:)))

Here are some I had a look at which had good feeback:

Tried and tested with many have results on all vag (vauxhall Audi group) Revo are the people to have a chat to and say your not going down the full balls out power just a better map

In that case head over to AMD:)

If you ballsy enough get the software and the connection and do it yourself:))) You can get plenty of maps from the net or specific Audi forums.

I have the connections and software but I only used it for doing checks or monitoring the car, can also do a dyno run but need a straight road to do it on. Had my engine light on and needed to know what it was instead of paying the dealer for it. Replaced the part and reset the light at a fraction of what the dealer quoted me:D

+1 for AMD forgot about those guys

Vauxhall Audi?

If it’s an own abbreviation, that’s fine, but if you mean the company, it was never officially VAG, but rather Volkswagen AG. No Vauxhall or Opel at all :slight_smile:

Whoops vw I ment


That little motor of yours can produce a **** load of torque and power with just a stage 1 remap.
250bhp and 300ft-lb of torque is easily doable.

A friend of mine used Blufin on his BMW. You can re map and un remap (is that a word) yourself. So you can change the mapping back if it’s going to be sold. He seemed to think it was pretty good.

Not sure if these are the totally correct specs for your car but have a look anyway:

bluefin uses superchips which in my and most other VAG enthusiasts opinion, is ****
SHARK offer a similar system where you can remap and return to stock as you wish with their little gadget, cheaper too i think.

Cheers for the recommendations. I’m gonna have a chat with AMD as they seem to offer the Revo remap too, which you’ve also recommended above. Not a huge amount to pay for approx 20-23% power gain… Wouldnt mind a new exhaust system to make it a bit more throaty but probably shouldnt get too carried away…!