eBike Insurance to donate £25k to charity, but to who?

Qouted from email:

eBike Insurance is one of the fastest growing motorcycle insurers in the UK, its customers are assisted by NewLaw in the event of an accident. Recently it became clear to both parties that very little is done to raise money for the charities which help with the prevention of accidents or for Bikers to get back on the road after an accident.

They have decided to do an online vote to give money to six worthwhile biking related charities and try to help raise their profile amongst the motorcycling community.

The total to be given to charity is £25,000. This has been raised by an equal donation by eBike Insurance and NewLaw.

Every vote for a Charity will increase the percentage of the money which that Charity will receive, so every vote really does count!

I’m a big fan as they’ve just done me a great deal on the Trumpet and 7r together.

I have voted and urge every one to, even if e bike can’t do them a decent quote.