EBC Prolite Discs

Has anyone run these discs on their bike?I use EBC HH sintered pads so for best combination, have been thinking about replacing my discs with these.

Don’t need anything fancy like wavys, just need a disc as good or better than the OEMs.


Why are you replacing them?

EBC HH’s are probably worse on the road than the standard Yamaha pad which will be good in all conditions, do you really need stronger brakes in this weather? the tyre will lose traction way before you use full ability of a standard Yamaha disk.

Personally, i’ve never had problems with OE pads, disks or master cylinders on the road, track yes but on the road never!

oh and unless you upgrade to the ‘race’ disks (the ones with the Blue buttons) then there’s no pint in upgrading as you wont notice any difference!

Basically because I’m getting a slight juddering on braking and I’ve elimated the pads, loose steering head and front wheel bearings so the next logical items to check / replace are the discs.

Could go OEM, but I believe since I’m using EBC pads (as I don’t like the OEM ones), that they would work well / better with EBC discs and the discs themselves are good value.

I don’t need extra braking performance…I can stop as quickly as I need to on road / track and I’m not exceeding the limit of the current setup…I’m basically just a fat bloke that dons race leathers from time to time…Not a track hero :laugh:

I was going to go for those wavys that Jay bought recently, but until he takes them on track and uses them in angrer, the jury’s out on them in my opinion.

So what you reckon mate? Any other discs that would be more suitable? :slight_smile:

Why dont you like OE pads, out of interest?I’ve always used standard disks to be fair so can relly comment but if you go for the EBC Race disks they have a higher iron content so you’ll find them rusty each morning when you come out to your bike… until you brake for the first few times.

I guess I’ve just got used to how sintered pads feel mate as I ran them for the best part of 2 years at the start of my ‘proper’ biking career when I stepped up to the R6 from the 125s.The OEM pads lack feel to me and certainly don’t seem to stop me as quickly.I tried Sean’s 07 R1 yesterday and the lack of bite from the brakes is one of the first things I noticed…I’m sure my braided lines make a difference too, but in my experience, the type of pad used in a brake system makes a bigger difference.Think I will buy those EBC Prolites…They seem good value and I can live with a rusty looking disc.Cheers for the comments.


06 R1 disks with less than 50 miles use! £100

Thanks for that mate…I might nab those.