ebay things of interest ..


Anyone for weird or cool ?? I am not sure :blink:

waste of space


I do want a go … but do you want to keep it afterwards ?

To be honest I don’t really get the sidecar ‘thing’, but if you do, or if you can’t ride on 2 wheels any more due to an accident &/or disability, that’s a quite neat way of doing it.

Thats pretty cool. Its a twist on the good old pod side cars everyone knows… Would I buy one? Probably not only because I might as well get a car instead.

NA! I dont want it… Just a quick will round a track… Id be happy! it looks like a giggle… Hell Id even be a passanger in it!

Needs a soft top over the wife compartment in case of rain/nagging.

The French love these. They are knowns “worms” (sorry, forgotten the French) not because they are slow, far from it, but because they snake about as they drive the windy roads. (You have to love a mixed metaphor.)

They are great for summer holidays. The misses and kid(s) sit in reasonable comfort, the old man gets to indulge in his bike lust, and they carry a lot of luggage. Seen one with a sidecar heater heater and Pioneer sound system installed, so decent luxury for the passengers.

Down side? In town they a a haemorrhoids transplant. All the problems of a car with none of the advantages of a bike.

Sooner have a Lotus 7 look-a-like if it were for just two people, but love to try one of these out.

I think it looks cute, and would certainly suit the dog. But knowing how my dog reacts to plastic hoovers and hover mowers most of his ‘bike time’ will be spent trying to drag it round the garden. It wouldn’t survive long at all :frowning:

I’d rather have one of these!
1934 BMW R7


You just need to win the Lotto for one of those now.

reminds my of my dad lifting this thing up so we can go over the ditch on 2 weels, scary untill you used to it :w00t:

Thats a clean looking example . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DR600-Non-runner-/180952497573?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item2a219bfda5

NumNum If it goes for under £1k for lords sake buy it! I would if Ididn’t have too much sucking money out of me right now.

These things were legends in their own life time. Docile as anything, then you hit the real power band.

Just don’t wear an open face helmet riding it. You’ll need a dentist to dig the flies out from between the teeth.

that looks pretty cool but i wouldnt want to own it. its not really biking is it?

I better not buy it . I have enough bikes to be getting on with . As soon as I can get in and out my garage again I have a major backlog to clear :Whistling:

I don’t know how short you guy’s are, but, this could be worth a punt for a cheap laugh :slight_smile:


Perfect for Alba and dog… :wink:

oh my god oh my god!

i want it!

maxy would love it!