ebay fraudsters sentenced


3 years? I know a lot of people that would accept 100k for each of those years in prision… and we pay the ‘hotel’ bill!

300K of stuff… I’m glad he got 3 years though, may set an example to other ‘Fraud’ eBay users and scare them off as the police are stomping down hard on it!


there gonna get bummed hard, and rightly so i hate conartists and thieves!

They tried to get me with one of those second chance emails… but I know fraudulent email when I see it… I mean I used to spoof for fun… lol

But come on people !!! Who sends money by Western Union , it’s the biggest scam about…

And while i’m at it would you like the details for my bank, as im sure your mail REALLY is from my bank.

Your credit card company called me, they asked me not to use your details to buy things anymore

Given three years … they’ll serve 15 months at most

once there out they will con ebay and people all over again