Ebay Bike too Cheap? - This time its a Rolls!

Yes our old chum is at it again.

a £25k Rolls for £3800 !!!

He must have got fed up with bikes


Sorry thats his Bentley - he’s changed the Email address and selling a Rolls as well


Stupid prick - gets too greedy and puts two identically worded in with different names.

Greedy = stupid - I hope no stupid person falls for it…

“If you bid I will cancel your bids and ask ebay to suspend your acount.”

because ebay are such ignorant tw@ts a lot of people just bid £10,000,000 on fraud auctions as it is far far quicker than actually trying to report a fraud to [email protected] . . . . given ebay’s general level of interest in the whole matter he might actually manage to get you suspended !!

dEer ebaY

I put mY roLLs wot I doNt hAv 4 saLe on ur weBsIght aND sum1 Bid ON it. pLEez can U ban theM.


Its true!

AND they get the profit and we do the legwork on reporting them.

Surely they could employ a trainee to scan the new adds ( try searching on inseted email addresses in adds or by lines that give a price - £3800 etc - they are nearly always dodgy.

But no they maximise profits by getting US to bleedin well police their auctions - and then they take ages to delete it … grrr