ebay ban

Somebody had better ban me from ebay before i do more stupid bidding. if i win though i do get a half price power commander:) how to i explain it to the missus though?:w00t:

Trust me H, It will shoot up massivly at the last minute. I watches many PC3’s on ebay :wink:

Dont worry what she says once its bought theres nothing she can do about it.

it’s a sensible max bid and i’ve fot the stock cans from my SV and a few CBR bits i’m planing on flogging anyway so even if i do win i’ll get the money back by the end of the month:)

What kind of prices do PC3’s go for on ebay, I’m far too idle to look myself, missus might attack me if she catches me too.


There is a way round it, but depends whether your finances are linked. The story I heard some years ago when I was really into cycling - & much to the disgust of my then girlfriend for constantly upgrading to the latest state of the art components.

I mentioned to the guy in the shop when purchasing some new bits that I would have to hide them from her. He told me about the guy that came into the shop & bought some very expensive wheels, on the condition that the shop owner phone his house number on a certain day, at a set time, knowing full well that his wife would be there to answer the phone. He would then go through the formalities of asking to speak to her husband, knowing that she would tell him that he was not in.

The shop owner then had to fulfill the final part of the deal by telling her that her husband had won a set of top of the range wheels in a competition he had entered some time ago. That’s naughty & not behaviour I my self would condone! :hehe: