EBAY are con merchants

ebay is a total rip off , i have jsut sold an item for £180 they have charged me nearly £30 to list and sell and then they won’t another 4% to recive the money on paypal which they also own …total con merchants

shoulda sold it on Gumtree mate


I know their expensive but then again, they’re quite clear about what they charge and don’t claim to be cheap…

You pays ya money, you takes ya choice :wink:

+1 All the charges are clearly set out in the T&Cs;)

yeh i know they are expensive , but it’s still a rip off …yes ?

£30 to sell a £180 item …that’s very steep by anyones standards …

i should have advertised it on here :smiley:

I always put aside 20% of what it goes for everytime and this usually always covers everything…

Ever used a real life auction house?

15% looks pretty cheap compared to those places.

gonna have an iphone for sale soon gumtree it might be

at the end of the day they provide a great service. It’s to to us if we use it or not.

Did you use the ‘Buy it Now’ option? I think this can increase the amount you pay when the item sells…

advert is free but we are a bunch of **** that would have never more that £100 for it so you would have been much worth off…