Ebay advice

Hi guys, I bought something of ebay and sent the money through paypal and now the seller is saying the paypal account was registered to an old email address which he hasn’t used in years. He’s claiming he hasn’t got the money and wants me to send it again to a different address. Obviously I’m not giving him anymore money but how do I get that money back which I’ve already sent? Do I have to wait a time period for him to try and send it before I process a claim? Do I stop it on my credit card? Any advice would be appreciated.

report to ebay and paypal

I have this issue before and this is how i solved it:

It wasent your fault that he put wrong account up so now he has to trace it by ringing ebay and they can sort it all out for him and once he has confimation that he has been paid by you send you your item simples

open a dispute then they will sort it, I ordered a fuel tank that was never sent despite numerous emails to seller, started dispute money back on my card within days :slight_smile:

I tried raising a dispute as it was paid yesterday but it comes as cannot process. I’ve hit cancel payment on paypal and need to see if I get my funds back. Is there a time period you have to wait before you can start a dispute?

Yes, I think its 14 days before you can start a dispute on ebay, its because its an automated process & before then you get the following message…

The item is on its way. Please allow enough time for the seller to process and dispatch your item. If you still haven’t received the item by 0? May, 2011, please contact us…

Ebay own Paypal…if the seller was offering a pay by Paypal option on the listing and you paid through the sellers link/payment request then you have done nothing wrong and Paypal will certainly refund your payment. They take anything like that very seriously for obvious reasons as people using ebay/Paypal have to be confident about the system, which by and large, works well and is safe. … mind you a bit fustrating when your waiting for your goods but I am pretty sure your get your money back… have a look at there help/policy pages

I bought a motorcycle on eBay and paid the seller cash on collection. After I had picked it up the seller opened a dispute by saying that I hadn’t t paid him even though i did with cash. I rang the mug up as it pissed me off and asked him Wat he was doing? He said he had done it to get his listing fees back!! I emailed eBay and they said as I had paid him the 6 grand in cash and not via paypal ad I should of done then i was in te wrong!!!

eBay dont cover you if u pay people cash they are muppets…who is going to pay 6 grand for a motorcycle via paypal just to be covered???

I steamed straight round this mugs house I won’t have anyone mug me off. He closed the dispute in the end but it shows you that u can’t trust any ******

Did you not get a receipt?

Yeah they wanted it scanned and emailed. Pain inthe arse mate