Eat humble pie mo-fo

Looked to me at 0.18 he was just leaning his head on his arm…

but he should have indicated right (if he was turning) or left before changing lane and should have waited for you to pass (assuming he’d seen you)…you took the chance to stop safely and tell him maybe his indicator was faulty?:crazy:…he apologized…all good!..:slight_smile:

Ill quote LB’s finest lines

You should take an advanced rider course

Your riding is dangerous

I’ll never ride with you

You could of avoided that

So on and so forth

haha i would of done the same nice one mate

Well done waxy, you done the right thing mate. I knew as soon as I saw that clip that there would be people on here trying to defend him though. Rather than take sides with the obvious victim in clips like this a lot of people on here will instead pick holes in your riding and generally make you feel like it was your fault. Baza’s list sums it up lol ^

The geezer was flashing you so you went top ask him why. No problem.

Nothing further m’lud. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did I mention some kittens got hurt too…

Yep keep the videos coming, great troll fodder :smiley:

anyone who thinks waxy over reacted clearly hasn’t met him. you have to remember that he’s got generations of persecution that have wound him up into a raging ball of anger. poor old waxy and his raging balls. all tottenham fans are like this.

Prawny…you are a dead man…

are you going to over react on camera again? :stuck_out_tongue:

The day someone posts a video of their antics on the road, to which you all agree, is the day that I will stop coming here on the assumption that you have all been taken by the body snatchers and will be coming for me next.

Class!!! Well done!!:smiley: